FAAEBT.B Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Screens : 12 EBT Reinstatement (EBRE) - Overview
EBT Reinstatement (EBRE) - Overview
EBRE is used by the FAA Systems Help Desk responsible for EBT card issuance to reinstate aged EBT benefits. (See EBT Aged Accounts) Complete reinstatement as follows:
Key X in the SEL field next to the benefit record to be reinstated.
NOTE Benefit records with ER in the ST field cannot be selected.
Press ENTER to reinstate aged accounts to the EBT Processing System.
When the transmission is successful, the following edit message displays on EBME:
When EBRE is accessed after successful transmission, ER displays in the ST field, the date of the last status change in the STATUS DATE field, and the new authorization number of the reinstated issuance in the NEW AUTH NUM field.
When the transmission is unsuccessful, the EBT Processing System displays a reject reason. Review the error and make the necessary corrections.