FAAEBT.B Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Screens : 05 EBT Payee Inquiry (EBPI) - Overview
EBT Payee Inquiry (EBPI) - Overview
EBPI displays the following information regarding a primary payee and the current status of their EBT account:
Primary payee
Alternate card holder
QUEST card status
Available cash and NA balance
Up to six recent benefit issuance records
The EBT account information is not stored in AZTECS. It is interfaced from EBT Central Office each time EBPI is accessed.
Benefit issuance records display the balance remaining from an issuance until the funds from that issuance are completely used. A new issuance is never added to the remaining funds from a previous issuance, but is listed as a separate record. When the amount in the AVAIL BALANCE reaches $0, the record for that issuance is no longer displayed.
The combined total of benefit issuances available to the payee displays above the benefit issuance records, in the AVAIL CASH BALANCE and AVAIL FS BALANCE fields.
To access EBCI from EBPI, key X next to the CARD # field and press ENTER.
To access EBDI (EBT DIRECT DEPOSIT INQUIRY) from EBPI, key X next to the DIRECT DEPOSIT field and press ENTER.