FAAEBT.B Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Screens : 06 EBT Card Inquiry (EBCI) - Overview
EBT Card Inquiry (EBCI) - Overview
(01/01/08 – 03/31/08)
EBCI is used to inquire on an EBT card. Key the Primary Account Number (PAN) from a EBT card in the CARD NUMBER field on EBCI. Press ENTER. EBCI displays the following information regarding the primary cardholder and the current status of their EBT card:
EBT card status
Number of failed attempts at entering correct PIN
EBT card issuance date
Number of cards connected to the AZTECS case
PAN of previously issued card
AZTECS case name and number
EBCI can be used to find AZTECS case numbers of participants who have their EBT card, but do not know their case number.