EBT Benefit Issuance and Availability - Same Day Availability
(10/01/10 – 12/31/10)
Immediate access to benefits may be requested when benefits cannot be available to the participant as follows:
CA benefits by the 45th calendar day
Expedited NA benefits by the seventh calendar day
Non-expedited NA benefits by the 30th calendar day
ST benefits by the appropriate calendar day
When immediate access to benefits is needed, an FAA worker must complete the following:
Authorize benefits through the current system month (g)
Review the reason for requesting immediate access to benefits with the Supervisor.
Document the case file (g), indicating the reason for the emergency issuance.
When the Supervisor approves the request, the worker completes and submits the EBT Emergency Benefits/Cancellation e-form through OnBase.
When OnBase is not accessible, complete the EBT Emergency Benefits/Cancellation form (FAA‑1003A). Send the form via e‑mail to both of the following:
The Local Office Manager (LOM) or designee
The EBT Emergency Benefits Unit keys the request on the applicable issuance screens (FIWI, FSMI, STFW). Benefits are available for immediate access when processed through these screens.