EBT Benefit Issuance and Availability - Canceling Benefits
(01/01/12 – 03/31/12)
Cancel Arizona EBT benefits when the Primary Card holder moves to and applies for benefits in another state before the date of availability of the Arizona EBT benefits.
Moving out of state is the ONLY reason a Primary Card holder's EBT benefits may be canceled.
EBT benefits are canceled as follows:
The Supervisor completes the EBT Emergency Benefits/Cancellation of Benefits Request Form (FAA‑1003A).
The Supervisor sends the FAA‑1003A via e‑mail to the EBT Emergency Benefits Unit.
The EBT Emergency Benefits Unit cancels the EBT benefits on RERB by keying CA in the ACTION field, and EB in the REASON field.
Benefits can only be canceled AFTER the issuance run date and BEFORE the date the benefits become available. When the date of availability has passed, the following edit message displays:
When the transmission is successful, AZTECS indicates the document status as canceled on the applicable issuance history screens.