FAAEBT.A Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Policy and Procedures : 08 EBT Account Adjustments – Overview
EBT Account Adjustments – Overview
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
An adjustment to an EBT account is completed to correct an auditable EBT transaction system error. Benefit adjustments are processed as a result of any of the following EBT account transaction system errors:
Account debited for goods not purchased
Account debited for an incorrect amount
Account not debited for goods taken
Incorrect ATM cash withdrawal amount
An EBT account adjustment may be requested by the participant or a retailer by contacting Fidelity Information Services within the following timeframe:
A participant must contact FIS to request a credit adjustment within 90 days of the date the EBT transaction occurred.
A retailer must request a debit to the participant’s EBT account within 15 calendar days(g) of the date the EBT transaction occurred.
See EBT Account Adjustments - Processing for additional policies and procedures.