C CA EBT Out of State Usage - Conduent Staff
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
For calls to Conduent the following is completed:
Review of CAP 1 and CAP2.
Review of NOHS for the X048 or X058 notice(s).
Review of CADO to determine if action on the notice(s) have been completed.
If no documentation is found on INDA to support any actions were taken on either of these notices, explain to customer that they need to speak to a specialized eligibility worker and that you will be transferring them to that person. Provide 1‑833‑397‑3155 in the event they are disconnected or the call does not go through, transfer to 1‑833‑397‑3155. Explain this toll free number is only to address this notice and not for any other actions.