C CA EBT Out of State Usage – All FAA Workers
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
For all incoming calls to an FAA office the following is completed:
Review of CAP 1 and CAP2.
Review of NOHS for the X048 or X058 notice(s).
Review of the case file to determine if action on the notice(s) have been completed.
When no documentation is found in the case file to support any actions were taken on either of these notices, the worker will complete the following:
Inform the participant that they will need to speak to a specialized worker
Dial 1-855-432-7587 and conference the participant in with the specialized worker
Once the participant has completed their conversation with the specialized worker, ask the participant if there are any other questions or services needed.
When no, thank the participant and end the call
When yes, address the other questions or services