A CA EBT Out of State Usage - Concierge Staff
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
When the participant registers at Concierge desk Concierge staff complete the following:
Determine the needs of the participant.
When the participant states they have received a notice concerning their TANF benefits, complete the following:
Review CAP 1 and CAP2.
Review Notice History (NOHS) for X048 or X058 notice(s).
If either of the above notices are found, go to INDA and complete the following:
When it is determined that the EBT out of state (OOS) contact notice and EBT OOS results are not documented, place the case on QA tracker.
If EBT OOS contact notice and EBT OOS results are documented, determine any additional assistance the participant may need.