FAAEBT.A Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Policy and Procedures : 06 EBT 10% Cash Assistance Out of State Usage
06 EBT 10% Cash Assistance Out of State Usage
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
When more than 10% of a households Cash Assistance (CA) benefit is used out of state a review of the case must be completed. CA usage includes all CA purchases and withdrawals made during the prior six months.
The CA EBT usage report is currently worked by the Tucson Processing Center, site code 280, mail drop 33N2.
On the second Calendar day(g) of each month a report is generated to identify cases that have more than 10% out of state benefit usage in the prior six months.
CA cases identified in the report are sent the EBT Card Out Of State Usage (X058) notice. The notice informs the customer that they must contact the agency to review their out of state (OOS) usage. When the customer does not respond to the X058 notice the CA Closure-10% EBT Out Of State Usage (X048) notice is sent. The X048 notice informs the customer that their case has been closed for failure to contact the agency.
When the customer contacts the agency a specialized worker completes a review of the case using the EBT Card Out of State Usage Questionnaire (FAA-1596A) form. The Specialized Worker will document CADO with a brief summary of the discussion and outcome regarding the out of state spending.
The worker reviews the case to determine the following:
Does the customer have an explanation for the out of state spending
Is the customer a resident of Arizona
Is the customer no longer a resident of Arizona
Is potential fraud indicated
Is potential fraud not indicated
Depending on the results of the review the specialized worker will key one of the following codes in the EBT OUT OF STATE RESULT: field on INDA:
RQ - residency questionable, referred for investigation
NQ - residency not questionable, not referred
When potential fraud is indicated the case is referred to Office of the Inspector General (OIG) using the submission link provided on the bottom of the FAA-1596A form for investigation.
After an investigation has been completed the code in the EBT OUT OF STATE RESULT: field on INDA is replaced with one of the following codes:
VN - investigation complete, customer resides in Arizona
VR - investigation complete, customer does not reside in Arizona
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