K EBT Benefit Issuance and Availability - Inactive Account
When an EBT account has been inactive for 90 days or more, the account is considered Aged.
When an EBT account is Aged, AZTECS completes the following:
For CA, issues an AGED CASH ASSISTANCE ACCOUNT X073 notice
For NA, issues an AGED NUTRITION ASSISTANCE X013 notice
Once the EBT account is aged the only action required by the card holder to keep the account active is to use the EBT card.
When the card holder has not accessed their NA EBT benefits for nine months and CA benefits for 180 days, from the initial date of benefit activity, the EBT benefits are deleted. The card holder loses all rights to regain those EBT benefits.
When it has been verified that all budgetary unit members are deceased, the EBT account is deleted.