.01 EBT QUEST Card – Emergency EBT Card Issuance
(08/01/15 - 09/30/15)
When an over the counter (OTC) replacement or emergency EBT card must be issued, information on the EBCM screen of AZTECS must be keyed. The following individuals have the security to access EBCM:
Authorized FAA staff
The Office Manager (LOM)
The Region Program Manager (RPM) when the LOM is not available or unable to complete the required actions
When a replacement EBT OTC card must be issued, the authorized staff must complete the following on EBCM:
Review EBCM to ensure that the current EBT card is not active. When EBCM indicates the EBT card as active in the EBT CARD STATUS field, the card must be cancelled prior to authorizing a new EBT card.
After changing the EBT CARD STATUS on EBCM, press ENTER only once, then press the F9 key. Failure to follow these procedures causes FIS to mail the replacement EBT card.
Key an N in the VENDOR ISSUE CARD field.
Ensure the N default displays in the VENDOR GENERATE PIN field.
Key the new EBT card number in the NEW CARD NUMBER field.
When appropriate, key a Y in the REPLACEMENT CARD FEE OVERRIDE field.
NOTE When a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is needed, the participant cannot select a PIN until the OTC card issuance has been keyed.
When the OTC card issuance has been keyed, the authorized FAA staff must complete the following:
Request the participant or alternate cardholder to sign the EBT Card Issuance Log (FAA‑1007A) and to sign the back of the EBT card.
The Primary Payee, and when needed, the Alternate Card Holder may select a PIN by calling the FIS Automated Response Unit (ARU), or request the PIN via online at www.ebtEDGE.com by FIS. (See EBT PIN Selection)
NOTE Only initial EBT cards must have a PIN selected.