.01 EBT QUEST Card - Lost, Stolen, or Damaged
(01/01/19 –12/31/19)
The PI or Alternate Card Holder must immediately report lost, stolen or damaged cards by visiting their nearest FAA office or by calling the Fidelity Information Services (FIS) Automated Response Unit (ARU) (See EBT Help Desk Phone Number). Any funds spent prior to a card being reported as lost or stolen are not replaced. A replacement EBT card will be mailed to the address of record on ADDR within two business days following the request and should be received within five workdays(g).
The Emergency EBT Card Issuance procedures will be followed when a participant requests an over the counter replacement card and indicates any of the following:
They need immediate access to benefits
They are a Vulnerable Person(g)
A replacement EBT card has not been received by the fifth workday(g) after the request was made
Advise the EBT card holder that a replacement card fee may be deducted from the participant’s CA or NA account when both the following apply:
The EBT card holder is requesting an over the counter replacement card.
It has been less than five workdays since the replacement card was requested. (See EBT QUEST Card – Replacement Fees)
The FAA will complete the following when an Elderly/Disabled participant contacts FAA requesting a home visit delivery of a replacement EBT card:
Obtain approval from management for a home visit delivery.
Deliver a replacement EBT card no later than the second workday(g) after the date of the EBT card holder’s request.
When an EBT card holder requests a replacement EBT card over the counter (OTC), review the 12 MO CARD COUNT field on EBCM. When the card count indicates 3 or more, (See EBT QUEST Card – Excessive Replacement Card Procedures) for the excessive replacement EBT card process.
When there is a discrepancy between the mailing address reported to FIS and the address of record, FIS refers the card holder to the FAA office. The participant must report their change to FAA. When the address is updated in AZTECS, a replacement card may be mailed to the new address by FIS. (See Change of Address - Overview)