.02 EBT QUEST Card - Accessing EBT Benefits - Accessing NA Benefits
Primary Payees and alternate card holders can access their NA benefits at retailers displaying the Arizona QUEST sign or symbol. There is no limit to the number of NA transactions a payee may make each month, provided they do not exceed the balance in the account. Retailers MAY NOT charge fees for NA transactions.
NOTE Payees cannot receive cash back from an NA EBT account.
When purchasing allowable NA items and non-allowable NA items together, the retailer asks the payee to pay for the food purchases from the NA EBT account first, and then the non-food items from the cash EBT account. Any money left in the NA EBT account after the transaction remains there until the next food purchase. When the payee returns food items, the benefits are restored to the NA EBT account.
Payees can also access their benefits with non-traditional vendors that FNS has approved to accept NA. These vendors include, but are not limited to, the following:
Farmer's Markets
Food Share Program
Route Delivery Retailers
Most non-traditional retailers use the Offline Food Stamp Voucher form.