D EBT QUEST Card - Participant Education
(01/01/17 –12/31/17)
Designated staff must provide the How to Use Your Arizona EBT Card (FAA‑1045A) pamphlet to new participants and their alternate card holders. The pamphlet must be provided at the time of the interview, when the card is issued, or upon request.
Before ending the interview, complete the following:
Inform the participant that they need to keep their Personal Identification Number (PIN) safe.
Inform the participant to keep their EBT QUEST card in a safe place, because the QUEST card does not expire.
Encourage participants to keep their QUEST cards when their CA, NA, or ST case is closed. The same card can be used when the participant becomes eligible for benefits at a later date unless the card was reported as lost, stolen, or damaged.
Provide the participant with the FIS Automated Response Unit (ARU) number (See EBT Help Desk Phone Number). Explain that the number can be used to request a replacement card, obtain account balance information, or report information regarding their QUEST card and PIN.
Instruct the participant to call the FIS ARU as soon as they are aware their card is lost, stolen, damaged, or when they have compromised their PIN. (See EBT Compromised or Forgotten PIN)
Any funds spent before a card is reported as lost or stolen are not replaced.
There is one free replacement card per calendar year. The participant is charged a replacement fee for each additional replacement card.
Inform the participant that cards that are reported as lost, stolen, or damaged are replaced via U.S. Mail within five workdays(g) from the date of the request.
When the participant does not receive a replacement card by the fifth workday after the date of the request, they may contact the local office to request an over-the-counter (OTC) card. (See Emergency EBT Card Issuance)
Inform the participant that initial benefits will not be available on their QUEST card until their application has been approved.
Advise the participant NOT to do any of the following to the QUEST card:
Bend or fold the card
Leave the card in the sun or other hot place, like the dashboard of a car
Leave the card near magnets, TVs, stereos, VCRs, or microwaves
Scratch or write on the black strip on the back of the card
Wash the card or get it wet
Write the PIN on, or keep the PIN with, the card