B EBT QUEST Card – Over-The-Counter (OTC) Issuance
(10/01/10 – 12/31/10)
Designated FAA local office staff are responsible for issuing QUEST cards to participants screened as requiring expedited Nutrition Assistance benefits, through EBCM for participants and alternate card holders.
NOTE An initial QUEST card cannot be issued over the counter (OTC) until the EI has established the case on EBPM. When the case has NOT been setup on EBPM, the following edit message displays *INFO* CASE DOES NOT EXIST ON EBT SYSTEM-MUST ADD.
Obtain positive identification of the PI and alternate cardholders before issuing them their initial Quest cards. (See Identity Verification)
Document the case file with the type of ID that was used.
NOTE When an ID is printed from OnBase for identity verification, document the case file. Include the details of what was printed from OnBase (document type, number etc.) in the case file documentation.
Designated staff complete the following to issue the QUEST card:
Review the How to Use Your Arizona EBT Card (FAA‑1045A) pamphlet with the participant.
NOTE The EI also educates the participant or alternate cardholder with this information during the interview.
Key O in the CARD ISSUE field on the EBPM screen.
Key the Primary Account Number (PAN) from the QUEST card on EBCM, and issue the card to the participant or alternate cardholder.
Request the participant or alternate cardholder to sign the EBT CARD ISSUANCE LOG (FAA‑1007A) and to sign the back of the QUEST card.
Insert the QUEST card into the protective card sleeve and give it to the participant or alternate cardholder.
NOTE Benefits are not available until they are authorized and loaded into an EBT account.
The participant or alternate cardholder may select a PIN by calling the FIS Automated Response Unit (ARU) (See EBT Help Desk Phone Number)
NOTE Only initial QUEST cards must have a PIN selected.