Third-Party Payroll Verification Source Definition
Third-Party Payroll Verification Sources are companies that provide employment information verification. (See Sources of Earned Income Verification) Third-Party Payroll Verification Sources can only be used as qualified earned income verification in the following situations:
When the employer uses only the third-party payroll source as its legal agent to provide payroll services or respond to inquiries about employee records
When the third-party payroll verification source has been approved by FAA
To verify information already provided by a participant (in writing or verbally) when the information is unclear or questionable
When the third-party payroll verification source meets the above criteria, the worker may consider information received from that source the same as when obtained from the primary source.
The types of earned income information verification provided by third-party payroll verification sources include, but are not limited to the following:
Earned Income
Hours worked
How often paid
Last day worked or last day paid
Leave hours and pay