FAA6.N Examples : 23 Expenses/Need Standard (EXNS/EXPC) Examples : S Standard Medical Deduction Example 1
Standard Medical Deduction Example 1
Michael has a disability and applies for NA on 01/26/27.
He also has $55 monthly out -of-pocket medical expense that is not covered by any insurance.
The worker receives verification of the monthly out-of-pocket medical expense during the interview. The worker completes the Standard Medical Deduction Worksheet (FAA-1813A) and uploads it into OnBase.
AZTECS completes the following:
Disregards the $35 from the $55 medical expense
Allows the SMD of $180 minus the $35 and deducts the $145 from the household’s income. The $145 deduction is higher than actual monthly out-of-pocket expenses.