FAA6.N Examples : 13 Identity/Citizenship (IDCI) Examples : J Sponsored Lawful Permanent Resident 2
Sponsored Lawful Permanent Resident 2
Mark sponsored his adult sister Jill and her daughter Janet. Jill applied for CA benefits for herself and her daughter. Janet is 13 years old. Jill is not exempt from sponsor policy and is not indigent.
Mark earns $2500 per month and lives with his wife. The following is the amount deemed to Jill and Janet from Mark:
$2500 minus $500 (20%), equals $2000.
$2000 minus $1410 (Income Maximum for CA for BU of two), equals $590.
Since Mark sponsored two people, divide the countable deemed income by two.
Key $295 next to Jill on UNIN.
Since Janet is under the age of 18, do not key any deemed income next to her.