FAA6.F Administrative : 04 Quality Control (QC) - Overview : C Region QC-100 Responsibilities - Overview : .05 Region QC-100 Responsibilities - Outstanding QC Reviews
Region QC-100 Responsibilities - Outstanding QC Reviews
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
When there is an indication of noncooperation at the time of the interview, the FAA worker contacts the Office of Program Evaluation (OPE) by telephone while the applicant is in the office. Complete the following:
Allow the participant 10 days to make arrangements to complete the Quality Control (QC) review before approval or denial of the application.
Approve the application for regular or expedited NA benefits when all eligibility factors are verified and OPE confirms that the budgetary unit cooperated with the QC review.
Approve the application when the budgetary unit applied after 125 days from the end of the Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 through September 30) of non-cooperation, and all eligibility factors are verified.
OPE may not be available. In this situation, advise the participant to contact OPE as soon as possible after the interview. Document the case file(g) that the budgetary unit has been advised to contact OPE.
When the QC review can be completed, complete the following:
Send an email to OPE immediately, advising that the budgetary unit now wants to cooperate with the QC review. The email must include the following:
The PI(g) name and SSN, current residential and mailing addresses, and telephone number.
A statement that the budgetary unit was informed that cooperation with OPE is required for their application to be approved or benefits continued.
Place a copy of the email and the QC‑100 in the case file.
OPE notifies FAA when the budgetary unit complies with QC review requirements.