Referral Process - NNDSR
(12/01/13 – 01/31/14)
When an applicant that resides in the Navajo Nation Department for Self Reliance (NNDSR) Service Delivery Area turns in a CA application and meets NNDSR Eligibility Requirements FAA must complete the following:
Accept and register the application.
Complete an interview for the other FAA programs.
Inform the CA applicant they must apply at a NNDSR office to have a CA eligibility determination completed.
Complete the following to refer the CA applicant to the correct NNDSR office to apply for CA benefits:
Complete the Applicant Information section of the Tribal/FAA – Turn Around Document (FAA‑1125A).
Send the completed FAA‑1125A to the appropriate NNDSR office, to the attention of the NNDSR Program Manager.
Attach a copy of the completed FAA‑1125A to the turned in official FAA application.
NOTE When FAA receives an FAA application from an NNDSR office, the application date is the date the application was received in the FAA local office.
Inform the CA applicant the FAA‑1125A will be sent to the appropriate NNDSR office.
Contact the NNDSR office when the CA approval information has not been received.
Do not delay processing FAA programs when the NNDSR determination has not been completed.
Key NT in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field on AFED to deny the CA.
Send the A201 notice.