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Primary Informant - Effecting Changes
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance programInformation on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
Effecting changes to the primary informant(g).
Once a case has been registered and a Primary Informant (PI) assigned in the computer system, that participant must remain the PI of the case.
NOTE When the PI moves with some or all of the other budgetary unit participants, see the following:
When the death of the entire budgetary unit becomes known, the EBT Primary Payee card is deactivated on the date the case is denied or closed and benefits are expunged. No notice is sent.
For NA, when the death of the NA PI is reported and there are any remaining participants in the budgetary unit the following occurs:
The case is closed allowing for NOAA(g)
A notice is sent to the last known address informing the remaining participants they must submit an application
The following individuals may be established as an EBT Alternate Card Holder when the budgetary unit needs access to the remaining NA benefits after a case is closed due to death of the NA PI:
An adult budgetary unit member
A non-participant adult who has parental control of the remaining budgetary unit members and provides the following information:
Verification of Living Arrangements, when questionable
Verification of identity
For CA, when the death of the CA PI becomes known, one of the following occurs:
An individual acting as a representative for, or on behalf of, the deceased CA PI may be named as an emergency Alternate Card Holder. (See CA EBT Alternate Card Holder – Emergency Situations for time frames and additional information)
When no CA EBT Alternate Card Holder is available, the CA case is closed.
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