FAA6.M Contact Information : 87 Policy Support Team (PST)
Policy Support Team (PST)
The address for the Policy Support Team (PST) is as follows:
Site Code 937A
Mail Drop 33S5
PO Box 6123
Mail Drop 33S5
Phoenix AZ 85005-6123
Phone: (602) 774-5523
Fax: (623) 777-5647
Staff may contact the PST via email for any of the following:
To determine potential eligibility for battered noncitizens
When reporting indigent sponsored LPRs
Review of application when other than an official application is received
Request to verify eligibility of an institution (FAA-1789A)
Clarification requests from the Office of Program Evaluation
To suggest changes to any of the following:
Forms, posters or pamphlets
CNAP Manual verbiage or link issues
Policy Clarification (PC) and Field Inquiries (FI) from FAA staff