FAA6.M Contact Information : 92 Policy Support Team (PST)
Policy Support Team (PST)
The address for the Policy Support Team (PST) is as follows:
Site Code 937A
Mail Drop 33S5
PO Box 6123
Mail Drop 33S5
Phoenix AZ 85005-6123
Phone: (602) 774-5523
FAX: (623) 777-5647
Staff may contact the PST via email for any of the following:
To determine potential eligibility for battered noncitizens
When reporting indigent sponsored LPRs
Notice issues or suggestions (Include the phrase “Notice Issue” in the email subject line)
Review of application when other than an official application is received
Request to verify eligibility of an institution (FAA-1789A)
To suggest changes to forms, posters or pamphlets (Include the phrase “Form Suggestions” in the email subject line)
To suggest changes to CNAP Manual verbiage or links (Include the phrase “CNAP Manual Suggestions” in the email subject line)
Clarification requests from the Office of Program Evaluation
Policy Clarification (PC) and Field Inquiries (FI) from FAA staff
NOTE See Request for Policy Clarification for proper instructions on how to elevate a PC or FI and a listing of who is authorized to submit a PC or FI request to the PST.