FAA6.R Policy Dissemination : 01 Policy Dissemination Process
Policy Dissemination Process
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
The Policy Support Team (PST) is responsible to make changes to the Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy (CNAP) Manual.
Effective 11/04/2019, staff is notified of these changes via the What’s Changed page in the CNAP Manual. The What’s Changed page is updated on a weekly basis and is available to staff on the first workday of the week. The FAA Policy Support Post is sent via email on the first workday of each week to remind staff to review the What’s Changed page, when needed.
When a change must be communicated to staff outside of this schedule, an Urgent Bulletin (UB) email is sent. The information in the UB is displayed on the What’s Changed page on a later date for archiving and dissemination purposes.
NOTE What’s Changed pages are referenced by the date published. For prior published What’s Changed pages, see What’s Changed History.
The information displayed on the What’s Changed page and the UB are time sensitive. Changes on the What’s Changed page are effective the date they are communicated to staff unless otherwise indicated. To ensure accuracy, staff are responsible to review the What’s Changed page of the CNAP Manual on the first workday of each week.
Policy dissemination must occur weekly in any office which determines eligibility, reviews eligibility, or answers questions regarding eligibility. Staff who determine eligibility or answer participant’s questions must be in attendance.
To complete the policy dissemination process, Office Managers or Supervisors are responsible to complete all of the following weekly by close of business on the third workday:
Ensure all contents of the current weekly What’s Changed page are reviewed and discussed with all office staff. (Changes, Reminders, and General Information subjects)
Answer questions the staff may have about what was discussed during the policy dissemination. When necessary, elevate questions to the PST. (See Request for Policy Clarification or Field Inquiry)
Obtain on the Policy Dissemination Review/Training Confirmation (FAA‑1215A) form, the signature of all staff attending the policy dissemination.
NOTE When a worker attends the dissemination virtually, the person conducting the review or a supervisor signs the FAA-1215A form for the virtual worker and places (VO) after the worker’s name. Signing the FAA-1215A form, both in person and virtually, acknowledges review and understanding of the What’s Changed information.
Retain the completed FAA-1215A form for 12 months from the date the policy and procedures are reviewed.
Upload the completed FAA-1215A to the site code’s FAA_PDR folder on the T drive on or before the third workday of each week. The file name must include the dissemination date, the site code, and the form number. (Example: 01-05-2021 142C FAA-1215A)
When a required staff member is unable to attend the dissemination, review the What’s Changed page with the staff member separately and complete a separate FAA-1215A as soon as possible. Do not upload FAA-1215A forms for individual reviews to the T drive.
NOTE The third workday of the week is normally on a Wednesday. When Monday is a holiday, the third workday is Thursday.
PST monitors the weekly dissemination by completing the following each week:
Selects five offices randomly.
Confirms the FAA-1215A is uploaded into the site code’s folder within the FAA_PDR folder on the T drive for each selected office.
Reviews the FAA-1215A to determine it is accurately completed.
Sends an email with the result of the review to each selected office’s Office Manager and copies the office’s Region Program Manager.
When the FAA-1215A is not uploaded or accurately completed, the email requests the Office Manager upload the completed FAA-1215A within two workdays.
NOTE The Program Administrator is copied on the email when the form is not uploaded.