Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) - Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF
(01/01/17 –12/31/17)
Pascua Yaqui (PY) Tribal TANF Program participants are required to comply with the following PY Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) requirements:
Employment Referrals
Participants must continue to comply with PY YOEME Services.
School Attendance
The parent or caretaker relative must ensure children age six through 19 are enrolled in and attending school or are home schooled and must ensure that the child is making progress in school.
The parent or caretaker relative must ensure that the child is immunized in accordance with the schedule of immunizations required for school or childcare entry by the Arizona School/Child Care Immunization Law.
The immunization requirement is waived when a parent or caretaker relative provides a signed statement including all of the following:
That they have received the Department of Health Services information about immunizations.
That they understand the risks and benefits of immunization.
That due to personal beliefs, they do not consent to the immunization of the child.
The PY YOEME Services Office monitors compliance with the PY PRA requirements. When PY YOEME notifies FAA that a participant fails to comply with any of the PY PRA requirements, FAA imposes progressive sanctions in AZTECS.