FAA6.F Administrative : 05 Office of Special Investigations (OSI)/AHCCCS Office of Inspector General (AOIG)
Office of Special Investigations (OSI)/AHCCCS Office of Inspector General (AOIG)
(01/01/22 - 12/31/22)
The general public, employees, and participants may submit a request to investigate potential fraud. The general public and participants may submit their requests through any of the following methods:
By completing an electronic form on the DES website
By calling the Fraud Hotline
Two departments are responsible for acting on the requests.
The Office of Special Investigations (OSI) is responsible for the following investigations:
Pre-approval investigations on participants to prevent potential fraud for the following programs:
All CA, NA, and MA combo cases throughout the state.
Post-approval investigations on participants already receiving benefits, to stop potential fraud.
The AHCCCS Office of Inspector General (AOIG) is responsible for the following investigations on MA only (MAO) cases:
Pre-approval investigations
Post-approval investigations for all counties when both of the following apply:
Evidence that potential fraud occurred during the current or previous application period (initial or renewal).
MA is the only program.
FAA workers may submit their requests to investigate potential fraud using the investigation referral process. Policy and procedures regarding referrals to OSI are outlined as follows: