FAA6.F Administrative : 05 Office of Special Investigations (OSI)/AHCCCS Office of Inspector General (AOIG) : E Office of Special Investigations (OSI) - Internal Affairs Office (IAO)
Office of Special Investigations (OSI) - Internal Affairs Office (IAO)
(07/01/07 - 09/30/07)
The Internal Affairs Office (IAO) is part of the Internal Security Administration (ISA). This office is under the DES Director's Office and is responsible for the overall integrity and security of DES. IAO is authorized to conduct the following:
Administrative investigations
Criminal investigations regarding the following:
Employee fraud or misconduct
Employee violation of policy or procedures
Employee violation of contract provisions
Contract provider fraud and misconduct
Employee background investigations
The IAO has an employee fraud hot line and is authorized to provide guidance and training in office security issues. The IAO employs a certified polygraph examiner.
IAO is authorized to access all of the following during the course of an investigation:
Program case files(g)
Employee personnel records
Administrative documents
IAO offices are located in Phoenix, Tucson, and Holbrook.
IAO receives referrals for investigation from the following sources:
Governor's Office
Attorney General's Office
DES Director's Office
DES Assistant Director's Office (various divisions)
Law enforcement agencies
Citizen complaints
IAO investigates and submits Reports of Investigation (ROI) to the following:
Assistant Director of the appropriate division
Attorney General's Office
NOTE A Prosecution Summary Report (PSR) is also submitted to the Attorney General's Office.
DES Personnel