OSI Automated Fraud Tracking System (AFTS) - FAA/OSI Case History Screen
(07/01/07 - 09/30/07)
The FAA/OSI CASE HISTORY screen displays the following information:
The number of investigations conducted on a specific participant
The OSI unit and investigator number
The type of program involvement
The type of report
The OSI case number
The start and end dates of each investigation
The result code of each investigation (used by OSI only)
Inquire on the participant using the participant's SSN or assigned pseudo SSN, or key the AZTECS case number and press ENTER.
Review and screen print this information and place the print in the case file(g) with the OSI referral.
Review and screen print the FAA/OSI CASE HISTORY screen for each participant in the budgetary unit.
When the COMPLETION DATE field is blank on the FAA/OSI CASE HISTORY screen, contact the investigator assigned to the local office to determine whether another referral is required.
When a date appears in the COMPLETION DATE field on the FAA/OSI CASE HISTORY screen complete a new OSI-1017A and submit to OSI.