FAA6.L Notice List : 01 Notice List - Overview
Notice List - Overview
The following notices are sent through AZTECS to participants to inform them of actions taken or information needed:
Approval Notices
Automatic Notices
Change Notices
Denial or Closure Notices
Information Notices
Pending Notices
Renewal Notices
Restart Benefits Notices
Sanction Notices
Verification Request Notices
NOTE Specific notices mail with inserts.
Notices are listed on the Notice Listing by program and then by notice type.
Notices are retained on the NOHS screen in AZTECS for four months. When notices need to be reviewed that are older than four months, and mailed prior to 11/15/2022, a DARS request must be completed. (See DARS – link for internal use only)
NOTE For all notices mailed on or after 11/15/2022, the content of the notice must be viewed through OnBase.