FAA6.G Disaster Nutrition Assistance Program (DNAP) : 05 DNAP - Nonfinancial Eligibility - Overview : C Nonfinancial Eligibility - Residency in the Disaster Area
Nonfinancial Eligibility - Residency in the Disaster Area
The budgetary unit must have resided in the disaster area at the time of the disaster. The following apply:
The budgetary unit must provide proof of its place of residence at the time of the disaster, when possible. In some unusual situations, it may not be possible to verify residency in the disaster area. In such cases, document the circumstances but do not deny benefits on this basis.
Ensure that the budgetary unit's residential address was within the prescribed disaster boundaries.
A budgetary unit that lives in a temporary shelter that provides all of their meals is only eligible for NA benefits when they are not expected to remain there for the entire benefit period.
A budgetary unit that has an application pending for the regular NA program is potentially eligible for the DNAP.
Ongoing participants who are residents of institutions and otherwise meet the disaster eligibility criteria are potentially eligible for the DNAP.
Acceptable verification of residential address within the disaster area includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Driver's license
Rent receipts or utility bills
City directory
Telephone directory
Collateral contact when documentary evidence is not available, and the use of a collateral contact would expedite application processing
NOTE When the budgetary unit did not live within the disaster area but someone in the budgetary unit worked in the disaster area, refer the budgetary unit to the local office that serves their residential address.