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NA 12-Month or 24-Month Approval Period MAC Requirement
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance program
NA budgetary units assigned an approval period of 12 or 24 months are required to report certain changes as they occur and complete an NA Mid Approval Contact (MAC).
Simplified reporting NA budgetary units assigned to 12 or 24-month approval periods are required to report all of the following changes midway through the approval period by completing a Mid Approval Contact (MAC):
Residential address and associated change in shelter cost.
Anyone moving in or out of the budgetary unit.
Source of income for any participant of the budgetary unit.
A $25 or more reduction or increase in gross income.
Court ordered child or medical support the participant is paying.
Lottery or gambling winnings from a single game that meets or exceeds the winnings reporting amount. For the current amount, see Winnings Reporting Amount.
NOTE The lottery or gambling winnings question is currently not available when completing the MAC through the Interactive Voice Recognition Smart Action Voice, keypad, or Chatbot. When any question is answered ‘Yes’ the call is routed to FAA staff who will ask the question about lottery or gambling winnings and document the participant’s response in the case file.
Decrease of work hours below 80 per month for any adult participant aged 18 to 49. (See ABAWD Eligibility and Requirements for more information)
For changes that are to be reported outside of the MAC process, see Participant Initiated Changes.
The MAC process begins with one of the following:
Months five and six for 12-month approval periods. (See Example 1)
Months 11 and 12 for 24-month approval periods. (See Example 2)
The participant can respond to the MAC notice using any of the following:
The MyFamilyBenefits website at https://myfamilybenefits.azdes.gov/Home.aspx.
Calling the Customer Care Center (CCC) at (855) 432-7587 and completing the MAC through the automated Smart Action System using one of the following options:
Voice or keypad
Chatbot TEXT
NOTE When the participant answers Yes to one or more questions, the call is routed to speak with an FAA staff member. The Customer Care Center is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (excluding state holidays).
While speaking to FAA during a phone call.
Completing and returning the MAC Form notice sent to the participant.
Completing the Nutrition Assistance (NA) Mid Approval Contact Form (FAA-1108A) at an FAA office.
Turning in a completed official application.
NOTE An official application can be used to respond to the MAC when all required information is completed, and the document is signed. A completed application meets the MAC requirements.
A completed MAC includes all of the following:
Name of the participant
Responses to all the questions
Signature of the Primary Informant PI(g) or their Authorized Representative
The PI or Authorized Representative is required to complete and return the MAC form and provide all verification, when requested, to continue receiving benefits.
The MAC notice informs the participant of all the following:
The requirement to complete the MAC form.
Due date to return the completed and signed form.
The requirement to answer all the questions on the form.
The consequences of failure to complete and return the form.
The requirement to complete the appropriate section within the form, when any question is answered with a Yes.
The requirement to sign the certification section attesting to the truthfulness of all the information being provided, and the understanding that reported changes may cause a decrease or closure of benefits.
Options for how to return the form.
NA Mid Approval Contact Process
When all the MAC questions are answered with a No and a signature is provided, no further action is needed from FAA.
Budgetary units with a 12-month approval period, are sent the initial MAC notice on the first workday of the fifth month.
Budgetary units with a 24-month approval period, are sent the initial MAC notice on the first workday of the 11th month.
When the participant fails to provide a completed MAC by the due date, a second notice is mailed, as follows:
On the 23rd day of the fifth month (for 12-month approvals)
On the 23rd day of the 11th month (for 24-month approvals)
The second notice informs the participant that no response was received, or the MAC was incomplete. This gives the participant another 10-calendar day opportunity to provide a completed MAC.
When the participant does not respond to the second notice, a third notice mails notifying the budgetary unit that NA benefits are stopped and the effective month benefits stopped.
When the benefits are stopped due to not providing all the required verification, benefits can be reopened without a new application when both of the following apply:
The budgetary unit provides the requested information within 30 calendar days of the effective date benefits were stopped.
The budgetary unit must have a minimum of 30 calendar days left in their approval period.
MAC Compliance - A Change is Reported
When a completed MAC is received and one or more of the questions are answered with a Yes, additional action is needed from FAA based on the reported change. Verification may need to be requested. The change is affected for all open programs.
The participant has the primary responsibility for providing verification. (See Participant Responsibilities – Providing Verification for additional policy.)
When no changes are reported, the following completed and signed Mid Approval Contact (MAC) are the only verification needed:
OnBase Unity Form
Smart Action Voice or Keypad or Chatbot
The MAC notice sent to the participant
FAA-1108A form (for in-person contact only)
NOTE The MAC must have a signature and all questions answered to be considered a completed form.
When a change is reported, additional verification may be needed. Required verification depends on what change is reported.
1) Maria’s NA benefits are approved for the months of 01/2019-12/2019.
Since Maria’s budgetary unit is assigned a 12-month approval period, the budgetary unit is required to complete a Mid Approval Contact (MAC) in 05/2019 or 06/2019.
2) Maria’s NA benefits are approved for the months of 01/2019-12/2020.
Since Maria’s budgetary unit is assigned a 24-month approval period, the budgetary unit is required to complete a Mid Approval Contact (MAC) in 11/2019 or 12/2019.
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