Miscellaneous Web Sites
The following are web site addresses for miscellaneous information:
Arizona State Web sites:
State agencies relating to business and commerce, as well as many of the boards, departments, divisions, and offices under them. See http://www.az.gov/business.html.
State agencies related to health and social services as well as many of the boards, bureaus, departments, divisions and offices under them. See http://az.gov/.
Arizona Department of Library, Archives, and Public Records. See https://azlibrary.gov/.
Child Support:
To download Arizona DCSS applications or forms. See https://des.az.gov/documents-center?cshs_field_dl_category_tid_forms=119
Community Action:
To download, view, or print the People's Information Guide (PIG) from the Arizona Community Action Association (ACAA). See http://www.azcaa.org/peoples-information-guide.
For information on the Restaurant Meals Program and a list of participating restaurants. See https://des.az.gov/content/restaurant-meals-program
Kelley Blue Book:
To obtain car, truck, and motorcycle values for determining Current Market Value (CMV). See http://www.kbb.com.
Legal Services:
The phone numbers for community Client Legal Services are specific to each FAA office.
For the Legal Aid phone numbers for each FAA office, see FAA offices.
For information about civil legal issues, Native American law, immigration, and referrals to organizations that provide free legal help to low income persons. Instructions and forms can be downloaded for self-help use and for legal aid advocates. See http://www.AZLawHelp.org
For a directory of Arizona community legal services. See http://www.morrisinstituteforjustice.org/
For maps, directions, county and state lines. See http://local.excite.com/maps/index.html or http://www.mapquest.com
To obtain office addresses and phone numbers for physicians that are licensed to practice in Arizona. See http://www.docboard.org
Search engines:
For reference and other search engines (including dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and news wire services), and links to multiple sources for accessing specified information. See http://www.refdesk.com
Telephone numbers and addresses:
For telephone numbers (local, long distance, toll free) and address information. See https://www.anywho.com/yellow-pages.