FAA6.L Notice List : 03 Legal References
Legal References
Send denial and closure notices with the appropriate legal reference (legal references are from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)) and wording. These are based on the actual reason the participant or budgetary unit is not eligible.
Denial or closure notices are based on the denial or closure reason. The following information is automatically included in the notice mailed by AZTECS, based on the Denial Closure Reason Code used:
The wording (English or Spanish) for the reason
The legal reference(s)
The list of Legal References identifies the information needed to complete a denial or closure notice for each of the following eligibility requirements:
AZTECS automatically sends an X denial or closure notice with preprinted legal references in the following situations:
The case must be in the current system month and authorized for AZTECS to send an X closure notice.
When the case is not in the current system month at the time the change occurs, AZTECS does not send the X closure notice. The worker must send the appropriate notice, allowing for one of the following: