Issuance - DNAP Benefit Issuance Security
The following apply when issuing DNAP benefits:
Workers are allowed to complete one, but not both, of the following for each household:
Issue EBT cards
Determine eligibility and benefit amounts
Security at the Issuance Site
FAA coordinates security efforts with the following:
The Arizona Department of Public Safety
The County Sheriff's Office
The local police department
Security in Transit
Overnight Storage of EBT Cards
EBT cards may be stored overnight at any of the regular FAA local office sites. When storing EBT cards at a local office is not practical, EBT cards may be stored at any of the following locations with whom FAA coordinates security:
Police Department
County Sheriff
Bank Institution
NA Issuance Accountability
Use the following EBT forms, as appropriate, to track all EBT cards issued:
EBT Daily Issuance Log (FAA-1007A)
Daily EBT Card Audit Report (FAA-1206A)
Designation of EBT Alternate Card Holder (FAA-1004A)
EBT Client Card Replacement - No Positive ID - No Case File or Out of Area (FAA-1006A)
EBT Emergency Benefits Cancellation of Benefits (FAA-1003A)