General Information - Post-Disaster Review
FAA must conduct a post-disaster review of disaster approvals and issuances and fraud prevention. The following occurs:
FNS determines the number of cases to be reviewed.
NOTE Currently, the state must select and review a .5% sample of cases approved for disaster issuance. The minimum sample size should be 25 cases, while the maximum sample size should be 500 cases. The state must also review 100% of applications filed by state agency employees participating in the DNAP.
Management Evaluation (ME) staff conducts the review unless other staff is designated.
The review of case approvals includes the following:
A case file audit
An interview with the participant
Verification of the information in the case file
A check for duplicate participation
Data matching, such as wage matching, SVES, and other matching the state agency uses to ensure that all income sources were disclosed
A redetermination of the participant's eligibility for disaster assistance
After reviewing the case files, the state agency must complete the following:
Conduct an error analysis that should include the following:
Break down information by geographical area and by type of budgetary unit (state employee or regular case)
Error rates, the dollar issuance issued in error, and the number of cases in error
Determine whether to file overpayment claims.
Take corrective action to prevent future occurrences.
The case review information is used to formulate corrective actions to improve the disaster approval process.
FNS completes the following:
Reviews on-site operations during the period authorized for processing DNAP applications
Examines the case review information
Evaluates corrective action taken by FAA
A post-disaster review report must be provided to FNS within six months after the end of the disaster application period. The due date for the final report may be included in the documentation approving the state agency's request to operate a DNAP. The report should include the following:
A brief description of the DNAP design, including waivers employed
Major problems encountered
Interventions used to solve major problems
Results of the error analysis
Information on any claims established