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Foreign Language Interpreters
The following are providers for foreign language interpreters:
Language Line Solutions (Statewide)
Languages: All languages
Phone: (877) 261-6608 or (866) 874-3972
To access Language Line Solutions, complete the following:
Dial (877) 261-6608 or (866) 874-3972.
Use the telephone keypad to enter the Language Line CLIENT I.D. (See Language Line Client I.D.(g))
Press 1 for Spanish or 2 for all other languages.
Press 0 for assistance when you don’t know the language.
Use the telephone keypad to enter the Personal Code. An interpreter is connected to the call.
NOTE The Local Office Manager (LOM) maintains the Personal Code. (LOMs are to contact their Region Program Manager (RPM) to obtain the code, when needed.)
Brief the interpreter about the reason for the call, and give any special instructions.
When the call is complete, say End of Call to the interpreter.