Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP) - Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF
(07/01/07 - 09/30/07)
Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF Program participants are not subject to the Family Benefit Cap (FBCP) policy.
When a state CA case is transferred to the PY Tribal TANF Program service delivery area (SDA), change the BC Participation Code on SEPA to IN. Document the case file(g) that the child was a benefit capped child and why the BC code was changed.
WERE must be coded correctly, so AZTECS identifies the participants as Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF Program eligible, and exempts them from the FBCP policy. Follow the procedures in Pascua Yaqui TANF Special Keying Requirements to ensure that the budgetary unit is correctly coded.