FAA Site 315C
Tuba City (III)
PO Box 130
Mail Drop 3383
Tuba City AZ 86045-1098
Phone: (855) 432-7587
(602) 257-7031 (Area codes 602, 480, and 623)
(844) 680-9840 (Toll Free from any other area code)
Legal Aid Phone: (928) 283-5265
Jobs Office:
Jobs offices are not ZIP Code specific For a list of all AZ Jobs Offices, see the DES web site at https://des.az.gov/services/employment/job-seekers/jobs-program-cash-assistance-recipients.
The ZIP Codes served by 315C are the following:
86020*(315C is the primary site shared with 314C)
86044*(315C is the primary site shared with 314C and 332C)
86045*(315C is the primary site shared with 333C)
NOTE Office hours subject to Daylight Saving Time(g).