Determination of Underpayment
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Underpayments are considered to have occurred in the following situations:
The budgetary unit is issued benefits for the current or future month and is eligible for an additional amount of benefits.
When a budgetary unit is not issued the correct amount of benefits in any past months.
When a new or renewal application was denied in error the complete the following:
Advise the budgetary unit of its possible entitlement to lost benefits. When applicable send the F011 or A011 notice to request any additional information needed to complete the case.
Reopen the case, on REPT, and redetermine eligibility when it is discovered that the budgetary unit was denied the first month, but remained eligible in the second month. (See NA First Month Eligibility)
When a class action or other court suit orders the restoration of lost benefits.