FAA6.N Examples : 24 Unearned Income (UNIN/UNIC ) Examples : E Child or Medical Support Example 1
Child or Medical Support Example 1
Tracy turned in a new CA application on 10/03. Tracy has never received CA benefits. She is interviewed on 10/12.
Because Tracy received NA in the past, she is known to AZTECS. On 10/05, CHSP displays a child support payment issued from DCSS to Tracy on 09/21, which is prior to Tracy's CA approval. During the interview, Tracy states she received a child support payment on 09/28. Since the information Tracy gave the worker is different than the information displayed on CHSP, the worker requests verification from the Policy Support Team (PST) via email. The PST reviews ATLAS and verifies that Tracy was issued a child support payment on 09/21 and 09/28.
At the interview, the worker informs Tracy that beginning the month following the month of CA approval, all child support income she receives must be turned in to DCSS. Tracy's CA application is approved on 10/16.
The 09/21 and 09/28 child support payments are not countable in any month, including the month of application.