FAA6.N Examples : 25 Food Stamp Allotment Determination (FSAD) Examples : D Categorical Eligibility TANF Example 3
Categorical Eligibility TANF Example 3
Curtis is receiving CA for himself and his two children, Barnaba and Quentin. Curtis also has a roommate, Angelique, living in the home.
Curtis, Barnaba and Quentin purchase and prepare food separately from Angelique. No one in the NA budgetary unit is disqualified and keyed as DE or DF on SEPA.
Angelique is her own NA budgetary unit.
Curtis, Barnaba and Quentin are Basic categorically eligible since they receive CA (TANF benefits or services).
Angelique is not Basic categorically eligible due to both of the following:
She does not receive nor is she authorized to receive TANF benefits or services, SSI or BIA GA.
She is not included in an NA budgetary unit where participants are eligible to receive TANF benefits or services.
Angelique's income is below the gross income standard.
Angelique is Expanded categorically eligible.