FAA6.N Examples : 22 Food Stamp Allotment Determination (FSAD) Examples : B Categorical Eligibility TANF Example 1
Categorical Eligibility TANF Example 1
Sandy is receiving CA for herself and her three children, John (age 9), Quincy (age 7), and Adam (age 1).
Sandy's boyfriend Daniel is not the father of any of the children. Daniel lives in the home and receives NA with Sandy and the children.
Sandy is designated as the NA lead participant for the NA budgetary unit. She is exempt from the NA work requirements since her youngest child is under age six.
John is the NA nonlead participant. John voluntarily quit his job without good cause and is not in compliance with the NA work requirements. He is coded DE on SEPA. John’s resources count in full when determining eligibility for NA. Sandy and her children meet the criteria for Expanded Categorical Eligibility (ECE). Their resources are not countable for NA.
The NA budgetary unit is not Basic Categorically Eligible because not all members of the NA budgetary unit receive CA.