CA Benefits Example 3
Heidi and her children, Fritz and Gert, receive CA and NA benefits.
Heidi is eligible for CA but is disqualified for NA. Heidi receives $347 in CA benefits, intended for Heidi, Fritz, and Gert.
For NA, AZTECS prorates Heidi's portion of the CA benefit. The prorated amount, along with the children's portion of the CA benefit is counted.
$347 divided by 3 = $115.66
Heidi's portion of the CA
$115.66 divided by 3 = $ 38.55
Heidi's prorated CA amount
$38.55 multiply by 2 = $ 77.10
Heidi's prorated CA amount countable for the children
$347 less $115.66 = $231.34
Children's portion of CA
$231.34 plus $77.10 = $308.44
Children's portion plus Heidi's prorated CA, which is countable for NA
When an overpayment exists, AZTECS prorates the GROSS CA benefit before recoupment when the overpayment is participant caused or as the result of fraud or IPV.