Budgeting Support Example 6
Application month is April and the PI is interviewed on April 15th. The PI states she receives child support arrearages. A review of CHSP for the prior 3 months indicates the participant received an arrearage payment of $200.00 in February and $400.00 in March.
Add the support arrearage income for the months that income was received along with the $0.00 amounts for the month no arrearages were received. Divide the total arrearage income by the number of months being reviewed.
$200+$400+$0=$600 total support arrearages
3 month total=$600
$600/3 months= $200.00
$200.00 is the total average monthly arrearage payment
Key the resulting figure as follows:
Key MO in the FREQ field on UNIC.
Key $200.00 in the GROSS AMOUNT field on UNIC.
Key the CS AR income type code in the INC TYP field on UNIC.