Authorizing the Grant Diversion Payment
(10/01/09 – 12/31/09)
The Grant Diversion (GD) payment is authorized on UNAU. An FAA Supervisor, or Local Office Manager (LOM) completes the following to authorize the GD payment:
Keys A in the ACTION field.
Keys the first eligible month in the ERROR MONTH field on UNAU.
Keys the household size in the HH SIZE field.
Keys the total amount of the GD payment in the underpayment field. To determine the GD payment amount, complete the following:
Multiply the CA Payment Standard on AFPD by 0.8
Round the result up to the next whole dollar
Multiply the rounded number by three
Key the result in the AMOUNT field on UNAU.
Keys GD in the ERROR CAUSE field.
Authorizes the Grant Diversion payment.
Document the casefile(g) with the following:
The reason for the payment
The amount of the payment
The process used to arrive at the amount
Authorizing underpayments on UNAU is limited to staff at the LOM and Unit Supervisor levels.
An FAA Supervisor or LOM must elevate the GD payment to Region Office for issuance when an edit message is received on UNAU preventing the authorization.