Authentication Definition
Authentication is the process of verifying whether an individual contacting FAA is authorized to receive information related to a case, program involvement, or a required case action. This process occurs with each customer contact whether it is in person, via phone, or any other method of communication.
Customers contacting FAA must be authenticated. Information needed for authentication includes:
Name of the caller
NOTE When a caller does not want to disclose their name or provides a name that does not match the PI(g) or Authorized Representative(g) do not disclose any confidential information.
Name of PI and Authorized Representative, when applicable
Date of Birth (DOB) of the PI(g)
Address of the PI to include full residential and mailing when applicable
Telephone Number
NOTE When a participant cannot verify the phone number and can verify all other authentication factors, ask for and update the current telephone number.
Last four digits of a budgetary unit member’s Social Security Number (SSN).
NOTE When a participant does not want to disclose an SSN or any portion of an SSN, staff must use other identifying data verification.
When the customer is unable to provide the needed information, additional case information must be requested. This may include other identifying data verification in the case file(g) that is not commonly known to individuals who are not included in the budgetary unit.