Application Process - DNAP Interview Requirement
All budgetary units must be interviewed in person. In the event that the applicant is unable to travel to the application and issuance site, the applicant may send a representative. Any of the following may complete the interview:
The applicant who signed the application
The applicant's spouse
Any other adult participant of the budgetary unit
An NA representative
Phone interviews may only be conducted when the applicant is unable to travel and there is nobody that can act as their representative.
Conduct the interview as an official discussion of the budgetary unit's circumstances and reconfirm all of the following:
Household members’ names and birthdays
Places of employment of all working household members
Review the impact the disaster had on the household
Remember to complete the interview quickly so as not to impede disaster operations. Resolve all unclear or incomplete information on the application.
Explain the following to the budgetary unit:
The regular NA program
Civil and criminal provisions and penalties for violations of the NA program (See DNAP - NA as Obligations)
The budgetary unit may be subject to a post-disaster review
Due to the requirements of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and applicable Arizona statutes, offer the applicant the opportunity to register to vote. (See Agency Responsibilities: Voter Registration for instructions.)