Animals Definition
Animals may be countable or not countable as a resource, self-employment, or an expense.
Service Animals are considered a resource when the animal meets professional training requirements. Such animals include, but are not limited to, the following:
Seeing-eye animals
Hearing-ear animals
Maintenance costs incurred to care for service animals may be allowed as medical expenses.
The following animals are considered resources:
Animals raised for household consumption
Animals that produce items for household consumption
For policy and procedures regarding animals considered resources, see Pets and Livestock.
Animals used to produce income through any of the following means are not considered resources, but the income they produce is considered self-employment:
Animals that are raised to sell
Animals whose products are sold
Animals used for stud service
Guard animals
Racing animals (e.g., horses, dogs)
Show animals
For policy and procedures regarding animals used to produce self-employment income, see Animals - SEEI.