Acting on OSI Reports of Investigation – Potential Violations Found
(08/01/15 - 09/30/15)
When the potential Violations Found box is checked or indicated on the Report of Investigation (ROI) the agency must send the Investigation Information Request (C022) notice. This box is checked when a potential violation is found and the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) was unable to provide due process.
The mandatory verification needed based on the investigation findings must be included in the C022.
The C022 must inform the participant of the following:
Investigation findings.
Specific information needed to rebut facts discovered in the investigation.
Additional mandatory verification needed based on the results of the investigation. The worker must state which documentation or collateral verification is needed.
The opportunity to respond to allegations of potential fraud.
NOTE When the participant or their authorized representative is not requesting in person, they must contact the DES Public Records Request Coordinator in order to view or obtain a copy of the ROI.
When the participant fails to provide verification requested in the C022, see Acting on Reports of Investigation – Failure to Respond.
When a change results in a negative action, supervisor approval must be obtained prior to taking the action.