Acting on OSI Report of Investigation – Information Needed
(08/01/15 - 09/30/15)
When the Report of Investigation (ROI) indicates the outcome of the investigation and additional mandatory verification is needed, send both of the following:
Investigation Information Request (C022) notice to request verification.
Notice of Investigation (C023) to inform the participant that a copy of the ROI is available upon request.
NOTE When the participant or their authorized representative is not requesting in person, they must contact the DES Public Records Request Coordinator in order to view or obtain a copy of the ROI.
When the requested information or verification is received on a pending case, complete the eligibility determination. Review all information and verification provided by the participant and the investigators and determine its impact on the eligibility determination.
When the requested information is received on an active case, take appropriate action to complete any necessary changes. For instructions on processing changes see Effecting Changes.
Ensure that all verification is documented prior to completing the eligibility determination.