Acting on OSI Report of Investigation – Failure to Respond
(01/01/22 –12/31/22)
When the participant fails to provide the mandatory verification requested in the Information Needed – NA (F011) notice, the Information Needed – CA/TPEP (A011) notice, or the Investigation Information Request (C022) notice and does not request assistance by the information due date, deny the case using the appropriate Denial Closure Reason Code. (See AMPS)
Document the case file(g) with a summary of the actions taken on the case.
When OSI has not sent the completed Report of Investigation (ROI) by the due date for determining eligibility, review the case with an FAA supervisor to determine whether enough information is available to approve benefits. When supervisor approval is received, document the case file(g.
NOTE Do not delay determining eligibility on a case past the timely due date for determining eligibility when the ROI is not returned.